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Naam MarvinLus
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Naam Launa
Datum 22-05-2018 16:11:48

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Naam Roma
Datum 14-07-2017 20:43:43

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Naam leontine bal
Datum 14-11-2012 06:27:11

just a compliment for my number one,not only as far as crime-writing is concerned but as far as writing goes. The world needs Ruth Rendell.

Naam Story Group
Datum 25-07-2012 16:52:14

Dear Ruth

We are reading your book, The Thief.

We liked it whenPolly called Trevor a komodo dragon. We felt that it was very entertaining and funny. We loved the book.

Naam Catherine Ward
Datum 18-08-2011 23:48:46

I would like to know what happened to the child Sylvia was carrying as a surrogate for Neil and his fiancee. When the fiancee and Neil split, Neil and Sylvia had a little girl, and, I assume, kept her. Subsequent books merely mention the two sons - did I miss a book?

Naam Vay Jonynas
Datum 09-03-2010 18:28:04


A key plot variable in your book "Not In The Flesh" is the writing of a book about the gods of old watching evolution develop the human species, an evolution they are powerless to stop despiter their knowledge that the emergence of humans will result in an end to themselves. Have you written such a book or are you writing such a book now? Has someone else written such a book? I'm asking because a book with that plotline sounds intriguing to me.

Naam Steffi Engert
Datum 17-02-2010 21:22:02

Dear Ruth Rendell, I wish you a happy birthday and all the well-being imaginable. I am enjoying your books since decades and look forward to the next ones.
Many happy returns

Naam Kar Kay
Datum 12-08-2009 07:14:36

I loved Wexford series. Beautifully written and definitely story-teller of the decade.

Naam mindy polgar
Datum 06-03-2009 21:56:42

As a struggling writer and admirer of your work, I would love to know how you got started. Did you send stories away to magazines/periodicals or how were you sustained/encouraged in those early days? If you are not a Peoples Friend writer or a Mills and Boon romantic, there seems little scope today for the more thoughtful stories which may have a darker side to them. Where would you publish your new stories today if you were an unknown?

Naam Dolores Adams
Datum 17-02-2009 21:12:19

Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! You have given me so many hours of enjoyment over the years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Naam Nico van Embden
Datum 17-03-2008 20:51:51

Hi Ine,

Ruth Rendell heeft inmiddels een nieuwe Wexford: Not in the Flesh (2007).

Groeten, Nico (die ook zeen van tijd nodig heeft om zijn site up to date te houden)

Reactie van ine jacet

Dag Nico.
Een wat late reactie. Ik heb hem bijgewerkt. Wel zo netjes. De Nederlandse was volgens mij wel up to date. Het kost allemaal inderdaad een boel tijd. Daar kun jij goed over meepraten.

Naam Thea Brosky
Datum 27-02-2008 13:35:43

I must have read all the books written by Ruth Rendell, I am an absolute fan.
One of the first books I read, was about a serial killer in a house/student hostel in Chelsea. When was he was about the make his next victim, he put on a rubber mask. I remember the description of Glebe Road, and a house where Gabriel Dante Rossetti once lived. One of the inhabitants of the hostel was a Dutch girl named "Katje".
Can anybody give me the titel of this novel?

Naam Linda Vergara
Datum 01-02-2008 18:49:23

I am totally addicted to Ruth Rendell's books. I find her writing absolutely fascinating and so insightful. I hope she is well and contgratulate her on all of her accomplishments.

Do you know if she has ever come to the States for a book signing? If not, do you know when next she will be at a book signing in perhaps London?

Thanks for your site, it is the best site about Ruth Rendell that I have found.


Linda from New York

Naam Beatrice
Datum 07-01-2008 13:03:49

Dear Ruth Rendell,

I am an English Literature student from Italy and I am working on my thesis the aim of which is to study and compare Cecilia by Frances Burney and The Keys to the Street.

Currently I am researching information relating to Pleasure Gardens and Regent's Park, with particular interest in suicide and death, themes that occur in both novels, and also on social life.

I was wondering if you would be able to point me in the direction of articles or books/essays on The Keys to the Street that I could read in order to find more information for my thesis.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Yours sincerely


Naam quaeyhaegens
Datum 01-01-2008 15:01:14

Dat ik pas nu uw website ontdek : prachtig initiatief. Ik zal deze nog veel gebruiken. Proficiat met het initiatief en...beste wensen voor 2008.


Reactie van ine jacet

Dag Kalle.
Leuk om te horen. Je bent ook altijd welkom op het forum

Datum 02-12-2007 11:31:11

Wat een werk buuv om het thrillerdossier compleet te houden
Ik denk dat je veel mensen er een plezier mee doet.

Naam fred
Datum 19-11-2007 17:22:48

Geachte lezers,

Wie o wie kan mij vertellen of de boeken van Martin Beck Sj en Whaloo die verfilmd zijn ook verkrijgbaar zijn op DVD of wie kan mij deze lenen of aan helpen?



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